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Release 3.1.18 (364b42ea)

  • Added a reindex cron job (state suspended)

Release 3.1.17 (0d08202f)

  • Fix format for HTTPCACHE_PURGE_SERVER variable to http://[host]:[port]

Release 3.1.15 (aef6e97c)

  • Configured and tested installer for Ibexa 4.5

Release 3.1.14 (f8529e39)

  • Adjust request ressouce useage from frontend, backend and zookeeper

Release 3.1.13 (f28a8006)

  • Fixing Message Queue
  • Added config admin.replica

Release 3.1.10 (75dc12a2)

  • Improvements to GitPod setup

Release 3.1.9 (5ab5255a)

  • Improve Redis startup time

Release 3.1.8 (3c5e1771)

  • Adjust redischeck to reflect new persistence

Release 3.1.7 (b4ce1af1)

  • Added Varnish startupProbe

Release 3.1.6 (1f228289)

  • Added startupProbe for Zookeeper
  • Default Zookeeper to one replica to reduce default memory footprint
  • Added startupProbe for Redis
  • Default Solr to one replica to reduce default memory footprint

Release 3.1.5 (af697740)

  • Add startupProbe to Solr

Release 3.1.3 (c34a6e2d)

  • New variable php.error_reporting.
  • Moved scripts to configmap.
  • Improved SOLR install to make it more reliable.

Release 3.1.2 (0014228d)

  • Improve waiting for pods being ready on update and install

Release 3.1.1 (eb169f64)

  • Upgrade Redis chart
  • Remove persistance from Redis clusters
  • Varnish based firewall
  • Provided an example ibexa project and pipeline

Release 3.1.0 (bca1b3b1)

  • Container image rebuild for Ibexa 4.4

Release 3.0.8 (f0769385)

  • Improved to HPA and ressource settings
  • Improved TRUSTED_PROXY
  • Added Runtime config
  • Removed static bindings to servies in monitoring

Release 2.1.42 (1b9823bb)

TIMEOUT configureable