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General Knowledge - Questions and Answers

How do I contact support?

Contact [](

We are happy to answer your questions, process feature requests and solve potential bugs on our product.

Keep in mind that we can only process a request to your satisfaction, if you provide reproducible use cases on our product.

How do I know that there is a new release?

You can check this page for the latest supported versions for your ibexa major version.

What do I need to-do in case of a chart upgrade?

Minor versions are backwards compatible. A major version might require a migration. Please read the upgrade guide. Minor version upgrades have a minimal downtime or slowness ( < 10 sec ) since varnish is restarted once and caches are rebuild.

What do I need know about downtime during a deployment?

The chart supports rolling updates with no downtime. The only affect you might notice is a some slowness on non cached pages. You can improve this when you pre-build the Symfony container in your container image.

Last update: February 13, 2023